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‘Really friendly, down-to-earth trainer. Very good at listening, offering time for questions and very clear from the start.’

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If your job is to offer information, advice and guidance using third party sources to help you – in a public or college library, specialist information unit, research team, contact or help centre – these skills are for you.

That’s because the days when you could simply look up some references and hand them over to your enquirer without comment are gone.  Now we need to add value by sifting, prioritising and reporting.

With years of experience to draw upon, I can help you manage your desk research tasks more efficiently and communicate effectively with your users or clients – both during and at the conclusion of the research process.

Training, coaching or hands-on advice from me can help you to…

•ask the right questions when taking an enquiry or research brief – and know how to ask them

•decide with confidence how to tackle desk research – even in an unfamiliar subject

•evaluate and prioritise the information you retrieve

•review and summarise your findings quickly and accurately – even from lengthy documents

•present your research results effectively, whether orally or in writing

•and enhance your own reputation and branding in the process.

It doesn’t matter whether your job is actually finding answers for people (working for a company, not for profit organization or public body), or helping others find the answers for themselves (as in a public or college library) – these are now essential skills in your armoury.

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